Creative Problem Solving Reading List

If you've got some time by the fire this Christmas - or on a warm beach - consider reading up on Creative Problem Solving (CPS). The Osborn-Parnes framework is tried, tested and effective. 

Here's a list of articles, books and practice resources to prime you for 2014:

Basadur, M.S., Gelade, G., and Basadur, T.M. (2013).  Creative problem solving process styles, cognitive work demands and organizational adaptability.  Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, vol. 50 (1), 78-113. 

Basadur, M.S. and Gelade, G. (2003). Using the creative problem solving profile (CPSP) for diagnosing and solving real-world problems. Emergence: Journal of Complexity Issues in Organizations and Management. Vol. 5 (3), 22-47.

Basadur, Min (2002). Flight to Creativity: How to dramatically improve your creative performance. Applied Creativity Press.

Basadur, Min (1995). The Power of Innovation. London: Pitman.

Creative Education Foundation (2013) CPS Training Manual - Foundations of Applied Imagination. Buffalo, NY: Creative Education Foundation.

Creative Education Foundation (2013) Overview of Creative Problem Solving

Fraley, Gregg (2007) Jack’s Notebook. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.

Fraley, Gregg (1997) interviews with Sid Parnes, a key figure in Creative Problem Solving formulation and dissemination. Available online here

Fraley, Gregg, Kate Hammer and Indy Neogy (2012) “Anatomy of an Effective Front-End-of-Innovation Cycle,” Innovation Management portal online here

Treffinger, Donald and others (2005) Creative Problem-Solving; An Introduction 4th Edition. Austin, TX: Prufrock Press.

Isaksen, Scott (1998) Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Power of Creative Problem Solving. Published in D. J. Treffinger & K. W. McCluskey (Eds.). Teaching for talent development, Center for Creative Learning. Available online here.  

Isaksen, Scott (1995) CPS: Linking Creativity and Problem Solving. In Kaufmann, G., Helstrup, T., & Teigen, K. H. Problem solving and cognitive processes: A festschrift in honour of Kjell Raaheim (pp. 145-181). Available online here

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Isaksen, Scott, K. Brian Dorval and Donald Treffinger (2011) Creative Approaches to Problem Solving; A Framework for Innovation and Change, 3rd Edition London: Sage.

Osborn, Alex (1948, reprint 2013) Applied Imagination Buffalo, NY: Creative Education Foundation.

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