Our unique tools help you unleash workplace creativity:

A different way to do foresight: 

We advocate for a different way of doing foresight work in companies.

  • Data-laden reports don't get read.
  • Trend decks delight but hypnotise.

Instead, we encourage groups that are serious about the art of problem-framing and the craft of idea generation to Think With Their Hands. The products and resources here in our store will help you adopt this method. It works. So don't wait.

Group work can be dismal. 

People resist meetings, and it's no wonder: "a waste of time", "boring" and "been here before".  The loudest voice in the room typically prevails.  Someone says "let's brainstorm" but quickly the thinking fizzles. A great many workplace creativity activities are plain embarrassing. So you hit a dead-end. 

Don't give up. It is possible to ignite people's imaginations at work. Whether you're seeking a new way for your team to collectively create, or a whole day's structured workshop, you'll find everything from cultural stimulus that gets people thinking out of the box, to suggested timetables and talking points, even comprehensive day kits, right here on our website.

You can use these tools to create a new culture of conversation.


Unleash your team's imaginative power


IdeaKeg is a 3-D trend magazine and conversation framework teams use to frame problems worth solving and generate breakthrough ideas. It provokes whole-brain thinking because of the unique, timely physical stimulus.


To quickly spark unexpected connections


A portable tool to elicit imaginations and spark new thinking quickly. Use it to draw people into a conversation and give everyone a voice. It's an inexhaustible deck that inspires endless fresh, unexpected connections.


To help you structure your thinking


storyFORMing is story design, a big-picture process for generating commercial stories that compel belief.