How does IdeaKeg work and what does it do?

Here is our short video introduction to IdeaKeg:

It can be used to help you solve any business problem, by making your Front End of Innovation (FEI) more productive and effective. 

The FEI is that fuzzy bit where someone, or a group, conceives a new business concept. It’s a step into the unknown to create something new and calls for different tools and techniques. Because it’s fuzzy, we think it’s useful to break it down and look at it step-by-step.

Watch our video on how IdeaKeg is used as part of an FEI system here:

IdeaKeg also uses Mash-up thinking. This is an innovation power tool. Most breakthrough innovations are the result of combining concepts or ideas that at first glance would have no relationship with each other. Finding the relationship between concepts often breaks new ground. Read more here about how you can work with it to achieve innovation success. 

Below is KILN's Gregg Fraley discussing creativity, imagination and Mash-up Thinking:

“IdeaKeg is an amazing tool that effectively promotes lateral thinking and uniquely injects creative energy into brainstorming and ideation sessions.”

— Jeff Dahl, Director of Engineering at Bobcat Company

IdeaKeg Track Record

IdeaKeg has been used around the globe and has produced countless exciting stories. Below are some stories that our clients and friends have kindly agreed to share with you:

Whirlpool Case Study:

Whirlpool used IdeaKeg to effectively engage their teams in the innovation process as part of their commitment to rebuild their business processes and innovation management system. Their Global Director of innovation said: “IdeaKeg is an affordable approach to enhance parts of our process through its simple, relevant and practical application. We’ve been able to shorten some of the lens creation by 50 percent.” See the full story here

Mimi Sherlock Case Study:



An expert creative facilitator with 20 years experience, Mimi Sherlock is highly skilled at helping technical companies solve complex problems. "The value of IdeaKeg is how it engages people... I recommend it to my peers. The whole package works really, really well." See the full story here. 

Independent Study by Dr Orin Davis

Dr Davis worked with two workgroups to determine the effectiveness of IdeaKeg and found that "it is an effective tool for facilitating the creative problem-solving process in order to generate not just a higher quantity of ideas, but a higher quality of ideas.” See the complete study here.