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Movies from events KILN has sponsored

We brought IdeaKeg to Pixar HQ in January 2012, for the inaugural Intersection Event. IdeaKeg was used in the pre-conference day to galvanise diverse speakers to generate questions. At the conference, Gregg Fraley facilitated speed-networking amongst over 200 participants who quickly self-organised around the bold questions generated in and after the IdeaKeg interaction. You'll see Gregg in the first 30 seconds.

We also sponsored the 2013 and 2014 annual CPSI conferences. For sixty years straight, the Creative Problem Solving Conference has drawn together artists, educators, inventors, people from industry and non-profits to learn, share and explore. In 2013, artist Charlie Clough created an arena painting. Here is a video from the Creative Education Foundation which organises CPSI:

IdeaKeg Movies: why and how of using this new ideation tool

The password for the 8-minute instructional movie below is available only to customers and partners. Please contact us to request your password.