The products available on the IdeaKeg store are here to help your team think better. While we're always looking for ways simply to make your time more productive and fun, we're also driven by some core ideas. 

Front End of Innovation Cycle

This is the most tricky bit of product or opportunity creation - it's that fuzzy bit where the idea's need to be formed, re-formed and perfected to get you to breakthrough. It’s a step into the unknown to create something new and calls for different tools and techniques. Because it’s fuzzy, we think it’s useful to break it down and look at it step-by-step. Read our article on this breakdown here. 

IdeaKeg is hugely effective at helping with the FEI process - see how here:





Yes - these are as fun as they sound, and are an innovation power tool. Most breakthrough innovations are the result of combining concepts or ideas that at first glance would have no relationship with each other. Finding the relationship between concepts often breaks new ground. IdeaKeg encourages mashup thinking by asking new questions and presenting new approaches. This article delves deeper into the concept of mashups and how you can work with it to achieve innovation success.

See KILN's Gregg Fraley taking at TEDx about the importance of mashup thinking and creativity in problem solving:




Stories in Business

There's nothing more important than having your offering clear in your own head. If you don't really understand why someone else will want this, why would they? To be successful in the twenty-first century, businesses in developed economies must connect with people’s emotions. This move towards greater emotional intelligence explains why “storytelling” has become so fashionable in marketing. The aim: helping you create novel concepts that also connect emotionally. In this article, we explain how you can bring storytelling into your innovation work. 

StoryForming is a simple yet effective tool to help you and your team find your business story. See StoryForming creator Kate Hammer talk about the importance of stories in business here: