Spark new connections spontaneously with your team

This powerful, portable tool sparks unexpected connections in a quick, visual way.

A portable tool to elicit imaginations and spark new thinking quickly, the SparkDeck is a set of curated images, designed to catapult people into a different kind of conversation where everyone has a voice. As an inexhaustible source for fresh, unexpected connections, SparkDeck brings spontaneity to group work. The Deck is very versatile and can be used as the facilitator wishes, for an ice-breaker, energizer or session closer. 

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SparkDeck - Edition 1

The first edition of our SparkDeck contains 50 unique images, in a tuck box with a short set of instructions to help you get started. Photographers for Edition 1 were: Gregg Fraley, Audrey Hammer, Kate Hammer, Indy Neogy and Ricardo Vernaglia.

SparkDeck - Edition 1
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The SparkDeck is made of high quality card paper, with 50 unique images you can use to spark new connections in your session. They are larger than business cards (89 x 127mm), but still portable so you can have it in your pocket and ready for use at a moment's notice. The Deck comes in a high quality tuck-box with short instructions.

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