The Go-Giver

I think of this book like a seashell.

You know the way you hold a seashell up to your ear, and think the gentle roar you're hearing might be the surf? Or when you find a small shell glimmering in the light. So you kneel down, rinse it in the sea, pocket it. The shell turns up later in a forgotten pocket at just the moment you can gift it to a loved one....


This 130-page parable is a breezy, agreeable read about an account manager learning to reframe his "go-getter" approach to business success. He seeks out a mentor, hoping to gain leverage and clout that will help him seal deals and make his quarterly results. He learns, through a series of conversations orchestrated by the mentor, that influence is not an input but rather an outcome of value creation. The core messages aren't new, but play well in the story.

Ideal reader

Enjoying story is a must, for readers.

Let's say you're motivated to change your behaviours and attitudes, but lack appetite for neuroscience or behavioural economics. This could be the perfect read.

Or, say you're open to change, but don't feel a burning sense of purpose. This little book may be just what you're looking for.

-- K.H.