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WHIRLPOOL Corporation Adopts IdeaKeg

Leader in the global home appliance industry
2013 revenues $18.77 billion
S&P 500 company trading on NYSE
Employs 69,000 worldwide 

IdeaKeg makes it easier to ask bolder questions and dream up better ideas. 

Whirlpool Corporation, in its constant search for new and diverse discovery tools, uses IdeaKeg to enhance the discovery process by making aspects of it more playful, creative, and fun. They find IdeaKeg to be a very effective to accelerate components of their process and to effectively engage teams – incorporating an element of surprise and anticipation that fosters breakthrough thinking, which inspires new concepts and ideas.

M-Prize winner Moises Norena is Whirlpool’s Global Director of Innovation. He faced the challenge to drive facets of discovery more effectively and less time consuming. He affirms, “IdeaKeg is an affordable approach to enhance parts of our process through its simple, relevant and practical application. We’ve been able to shorten some of the lens creation by 50 percent.” Whirlpool integrates IdeaKeg into their innovation process because:

  • IdeaKeg needs very little preparation and is easy to facilitate.

  • It is a simple process that consistently produces results.

  • IdeaKeg has multiple effects on discovery and yields surprising outcomes.

  • It is a quick, pragmatic, and repeatable tool. 

  • IdeaKeg stimulates mash-up thinking by blending dissimilar concepts. It inspires bolder, braver questions that lead to better ideas. 

Whirlpool firmly believes “innovative thinking comes from everyone, everywhere.” Nearly 10 years ago, they initiated a worldwide effort to embed innovation as a core competency throughout the whole organization.

Whirlpool employees throughout the world participate in and contribute to innovation-related activities that result in new ideas, products and services. Whirlpool has made a commitment to build this competency. This investment includes rebuilding business processes, training thousands of employees, and constructing an innovation management system that all leads to a change in the culture of the company.

Whirlpool has already introduced IdeaKeg into their global innovation culture both in the US and also at their India location. This dynamic and intriguing tool is the go-to method for idea generation at Whirlpool and it can be for you too.

Want to make the case for IdeaKeg to your team? Download the Whirlpool case study here - the PDF includes a product overview.


Update March 2015: Whirlpool Corporation got such value from IdeaKeg that KILN was invited as a pilot Content Partner for the successful experiment in executive education that Whirlpool spearheaded with Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame University and Memorial Hospital South Bend. The pilot worked, and the Certified Innovation Mentor Program is now in its second year. 

Certified mentors who have come through the Notre Dame University programme are now coming direct to KILN for further innovation facilitation training. Additionally, Memorial Hospital's Pfeil Innovation Center has appointed KILN's co-founder Gregg Fraley as a faculty member.